The Rolling Stones in Macau

I know, it’s now a few days since the Rolling Stones visited Macau, but I was feeling too ill to post about this. Unluckily I had a big bad cold since last Sunday, the day of the concert, so I could not really enjoy the show to the full extent – which is a shame!

Rolling Stones Macau 3

We had such great tickets. We were standing in the pit, so close to Mick, Ronnie and Keith – it was fantastic to be that close. There were not too many people in the pit, so it was not too crowded or packed.

Rolling Stones Macau 4

All together, there were only a about eleven thousand people in the Cotai Arena, so it was a quite small and intimidate concert!

But it was not a ‘small’ show. Quite the contrary, it was full of big tunes and lots of dancing and singing! Let’s keep in mind that Mick and Keith are each 70 years old. Charlie is 72 and Ronnie is ‘young’ with his 66 years! It is incredible what they can still do!

Rolling Stones Macau 1

Rolling Stones Macau 2

The show lasts almost exactly two hours and is mostly high energy.

Rolling Stones Macau 5

They played Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Wild Horses, Honky Tonk Woman, Midnight Rambler (with former member Mick Taylor) and also Get Off My Cloud (which was voted for by their fans on the band’s website and Facebook page)…

Rolling Stones Macau 0

…. and of course, Start Me Up, Sympathy, Brown Sugar and I can’t get no satisfaction.

Rolling Stones Macau 6

Rolling Stones Macau 7


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