Macau: Sun Yat Sen Memorial House

Shortly before Christmas I visited Macau again, this time with my parents. I had not been for almost a year and I was looking forward to the trip as I always have great times in Macau. I had been several times previously, visiting the House of the Mandarin (my all time favourite), the famous A-Ma… Continue reading Macau: Sun Yat Sen Memorial House


Old Taipa village in Macau

Taipa is often mistaken for an area with ‘just’ big casinos, like the Venetian, Galaxy or City of Dreams. But there is much more to Taipa, not just the Taipa Houses Museum. Taipa Village consists of narrow alleyways packed with restaurants, food stalls, shops, temples, and churches with colorful traditional Portuguese inspired architecture. We walked… Continue reading Old Taipa village in Macau

Macau, Restaurant Review

Review: Antonio’s in Macau

--- Update June 2014: The restaurant has moved across the street to Rua dos Clerigos No. 7 --- While in Macau, we visited António's, a famous Macanese restaurant. This is the kind of cozy and homey Portuguese restaurant where the chef becomes your friend. Tucked away in one of the quaint alleys in the heart… Continue reading Review: Antonio’s in Macau


The House of the Dancing Waters in Macau

Macau has many attractions, including a number of different shows including Zaia and The House of the Dancing Waters. While we had seen Zaia in April 2011, it took us another six eight months to go to the City of Dreams and watch the House of the Dancing Waters. I would not recommend the show… Continue reading The House of the Dancing Waters in Macau


Macau’s firecracker industry

The Macau Museum also dedicated a display to the firecracker industry in Macau - which I found very interesting. Macau does not have many natural resources, but it had skilled and cheap labour which resulted in a large firecracker industry in the 50s and 60s. At its height, Macau boasted seven such factories and top… Continue reading Macau’s firecracker industry