Macau: Old Taipa village

Taipa is often mistaken for an area with ‘just’ big casinos, like the Venetian, Galaxy or City of Dreams. But there is much more to Taipa, not just the Taipa Houses Museum.

Taipa Village consists of narrow alleyways packed with restaurants, food stalls, shops, temples, and churches with colorful traditional Portuguese inspired architecture. We walked through the streets, stopped to look at small alleys, colorful walls and doors and made our way to Rua Do Cunha. This is a narrow street in Taipa village more popularly known as food street. It is known for shops selling almond cakes, phoenix egg rolls, coconut flakes and peanut candy, which travellers buy as “souvenirs”, such as Choi Heong Yuen and Koi Kei.

Walking in the street, you don’t have to worry about going hungry, the persistent sellers will keep offering you samples of their food as you walk from one shop to another.

We tried almond cookies and beef jerky, but just a little, as we had already plans to go to Antonio’s for lunch.


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