Hong Kong

Interview with Salt & Chili

I stumbled upon Grace's blog Salt & Chili because I was looking on the web on what people were writing about Panino Giusto, and then I noticed that she writes great blog posts about food outlets in Hong Kong, but also recipes she tried and tested. What I love about her blog is the combination… Continue reading Interview with Salt & Chili

Hong Kong

Interview with Bam’s kitchen

This Monday, it's time for proper, home-cooked food. I'm not talking about my own cooking, but about Bobbi's cooking in her own, Bam's kitchen. She creates yummy dishes that cater to many tastes and requirements - not just to her teenage boys but also people that might be gluten or lactose intolerant, or just want… Continue reading Interview with Bam’s kitchen

Hong Kong

Interview with Franny’s Burgers

It's Monday again, so it's time again for another update in my popular 'Interview with...' series. This time it's with Francisco, the burger blogger. Now you might say, you've never come across a burger blogger. That might be true, as I've never met anyone else before who is so dedicated to eating, testing and reviewing… Continue reading Interview with Franny’s Burgers


Singapore: Murals and coffee with the CurlyTraveller

I just love walking along the streets and exploring different areas of a city. So I went back to the Kampong Glam heritage district (I had been already in August, here's my previous blog post) and just walked along the streets to look at all those little shops and restaurants. It's a fantastic little area,… Continue reading Singapore: Murals and coffee with the CurlyTraveller

Hong Kong

Interview with Photos from Hong Kong

Another Monday again... and it's time for another interview. This time my guest is Eva, an amazing photographer, who blogs at Photos from Hong Kong. She has a great eye and captures the unexpected. So many times I've seen a picture on her blog, of a place that I recognise (or think that I do)… Continue reading Interview with Photos from Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Interview with HungrySu

Oh no... I'm a day late, but nonetheless, let me present a great blog for food lovers in Hong Kong (that includes locals, expats, tourists, visitors and people just dreaming of visiting Hong Kong). It's HungrySu by Suzanne Guan. Suzanne is a Chinese girl that loves food - any kind of food! She blogs about… Continue reading Interview with HungrySu

Hong Kong

Interview with Homemade in HK

Every other Monday I'll share with you an interview with an interesting person or team I've met. This could be a fellow blogger, local foodie, world traveller, entrepreneur or just a friend. Let's kick-start the series with Jun & Priscilla from Homemade in HK. They both live in Hong Kong, love to cook and started… Continue reading Interview with Homemade in HK