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Flower market in Mong Kok

To visit the Flower Market it’s always better to go in the mornings, than later in the day. Flowers are fresher, and it’s less crowded with tourists in the early hours of the day.

Just take the MTR and get off at Prince Edward Station Exit B1. Follow Prince Edward Road West alongside the flyover past Mong Kok Police Station and continue to the third street on the left. Flower Market Road is a few metres along on the right and runs alongside Mong Kok Stadium. Yuen Po Street where the Bird Garden is located is at the far end of Flower Market Road.

There are more than 50 shops selling flowers, some selling traditional bouquets.

Others more modern looking bouquets like this little dog.

Roses are protected with individual covers to protect the blossoms…

Of course, you can get orchids at almost every shop.

The Flower Market is open from 7am to 7pm.


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