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Hiking: Wilson Trail Stage 7

This is one of the longer stages, it is 10,2 km and goes from Shing Mun Reservoir to Yuen Tun Ha. It is an easy stroll, it just takes quite a while to walk the distance. The guide book said it would take 4 hours, we needed about 2,5 hours, but then we did not take a break.

We started off by walking across the reservoir wall – where we were greeted by a cheeky monkey. He followed us from our resting place at the end of Wilson Trail Stage 6, where we tried to eat apple slices, but as soon as the monkey appeared we had to pack them away (you are not allowed to feed the monkeys) and then moved to the wall of the reservoir. We had five minutes rest (where we ate the remaining apple slices) before the cheeky monkey turned up again, looking at us with big eyes and teeth. We were glad that we had packed all food items away, so the monkey lost his interest and just sat down next to us on the wall and started scratching himself with a passion!

We crossed the reservoir wall and then left the tarmac road. We stayed close to the water’s edge and walked around the reservoir.

The water levels were low, which made it look very beautiful: green trees, orange-yellow sand and rock formations and a blue-green water in the reservoir, which was very clear.

We walked for 5km or so, passing through thick groves of bamboo and crossing mountain streams which rush down the hillsides to empty into the reservoir.

At the northern tip of the reservoir, the trail joins a cement waterworks road and we followed it a little, before we entered a forest.

That’s part of the Shing Mun Arboretum, an open-air haven of native tree species which may be the remnants of an old feng shui wood.

We followed the road up to the Lead Mine Pass, where we found picnic tables and toilets. At this point the Wilson Trail crosses the MacLehose trail again. We left the path there and descended north via concrete steps towards Tai Po.


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