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Chinese New Year 2012: Fireworks over Victoria Harbour

On Tuesday night, day two of the Chinese New Year, are the traditional fireworks over Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. The fireworks display is huge, almost 25 minutes long, and much more interesting to watch then ‘normal’ New Year fireworks in Hong Kong.

Everyone wants to go and see the fireworks display, so you have to queue up hours before it starts at 8pm. Unfortunately it was raining on Tuesday, so we could only queue up an hour beforehand and had to find a spot that’s protected from the weather. We stood underneath the viewing platform in front of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui (it has two levels, so we were on the lower level) and it kept us sheltered from wind an rain. However, it also meant that our view was overshadowed by the roof of the viewing platform, we could only see 3/4 of the sky.

Still, the fireworks displayed were amazing. So full of colours and different shapes – similar to last year I could make out smiley faces, rings inside other rings and of course, the colour combination red and yellow (luck, luck and more luck for the year of the Dragon) – but I could not make out any writing on the sky.

Nonetheless, the fireworks were great to watch. We enjoyed them a lot – I am glad we made it out to Tsim Sha Tsui in the end (although I think that’s where my cold came from).

After the fireworks you could just see the big cloud of smoke and ash hanging over the harbour.


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