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Hike: Po Toi Island

So now you might be wondering why I was in Aberdeen and also looked at the Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant in the Harbour. Well, that’s easy to explain. I was on a junk boat to Po Toi, together with members from the Hong Kong Hiking Group that’s on Meetup. We were so lucky that one of the members could use her company junk boat for free on a nice Saturday, so we took this as the opportunity to visit Po Toi.

Though it lies just three kilometres off the southeastern tip of Hong Kong Island, Po Toi feels already far away. Just three decades ago, Po Toi was home to around a thousand people, most of whom lived around this cove. But, drawn by the booming city and driven out by mainland marauders, all but a handful have since left. There are ruined buildings amongst trees by the pier; others are scattered nearby, and many more must have long since vanished, smothered by shrubs and climbers.

We walked around and across the small island (it only has an area of 3.69 km²) as there are a few (easy) hiking trails. A flight of concrete steps leads uphill from the signpost, towards the ridge above. The trail is sheltered at first, as it passes through dense, young woodland. But trees give way to scrub and grass, and there are views of the cove below.

The concrete steps end and the trail appears to fizzle out – though actually keeps climbing, mostly over bare rock.

After passing a pavilion with cracking views over the sea and islands to the south, the concrete trail abruptly tumbles off the ridge, and onto the headland.

Po Toi is famous for its rock formations that resemble a Turtle Rock, Monk Rock, Palm Rock and a few more. You might need to use your imagination to recognise them, but on a nice and sunny day it is fun walking around looking at the rocks and vegetation surrounding them.

For instance, can you see the Palm Rock below, is it easy to recognise?

We went to the Ming Kee Restaurant for a late lunch – a mix of Chinese fish and meat dishes. All very fresh and yummy – a good place to fill your hungry stomach. Here is a nice review (a little outdated though) by the Telegraph.

All in all, a fantastic day out and I’d love to come back some time soon.


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