Outlying Islands

Trip to Po Toi: Leaving Po Toi

We continued our visit to Po Toi with a number of pictures showing the green and lush vegetation on the island. There were trees and plants everywhere, a dense green jungle. Even the toilet sign disappeared in the forest around it.

There were some massive trees with big trunks and lots of roots, which made for a nice photo opportunity.

Then there was this picture, which is not really significant, but for some reason I really like it. The green barriers just help to add some depth to the picture.

After wandering around and taking pictures we became hungry. So we made our way to the seafood restaurant at the beach. On the way there we passed a number of small houses, a few of them even had outdoor kitchens. Very simple, but I am sure that whoever cooks there will be able to cook a nice meal!

Maybe not as nice as this guy though. He cooked lunch for us, and it was a fantastic arrangement of garlic scallops, deep fried squid with salt and black pepper. Lots of fried rice and Singapore noodles. Not very healthy but exactly what we needed after our stroll.

After lunch, we went back on the boat and the captain just took us around Po Toi, to one of the quieter bays. The junk sat there, it was bouncing in the wind on the water, and we all just had a quiet relaxing afternoon.

We made our way back to Aberdeen again, passing Repulse Bay on the way. The big modern houses never fail to surprise me!

Finally we arrived in Aberdeen harbour again. There were already a large number of boats and yachts in the harbour. They all seemed to come back from a nice day out in the sun.

Of course, we passed behind the famous Jumbo Kingdom. It always looks so shabby from the back, but I know what the front looks like – a difference like night and day!


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