Tokyo: Käfer at Mitsukoshi in Ginza

While in Ginza, we visited Mitsukoshi, one of the famous department stores in Tokyo, and had a great time exploring the different departments. Not only was there a wide choice of classic and modern designers, but there was a special kimono section (even featuring a kimono repair service) and an amazing food court in the basement.

We only had plans to quickly walk through the food court and then move on to another shop, but we were hooked by the range of dishes and the amazing display. Everything was arranged neatly and it just looked appetizing.

There was something for everyone, from Chicken yakitori sticks to Tonkatsu pork – we even saw a corner dedicated to Ginza Bairin bento boxes. I’ve been to Ginza Bairin in the IFC in Hong Kong before and that has been great – but I am sure the food at its Ginza outlet is even better.

Apart from a wide range of Japanese dishes, including gyoza and sushi, Mitsukoshi also sells a wide range of Asian and Western dishes. For example, here are Chinese dumplings, which seem to be a favourite of Japanese people. We noticed quite a few Chinese dumpling places around Ginza and Shinjuku, some of them even specialising in Shanghainese dumplings (xiao long bao).

But the biggest surprise was this – not necessarily the mountain of sausages, but in fact the logo behind it. I immediately recognised it as Käfer, which is the famous brand (together with Dallmayr) from Munich for delicatessen – its logo is a ladybird as the name translates into beetle.

Here in Tokyo they were selling a mix of cold cuts, marinated salads as well as different spreads and cheeses. I love that they even adapted it to sell Japanese bento boxes that included different cold cuts, a few slices of cheese, some bread and grapes – clearly to appeal to the local customers. I wonder when they start selling Käfer bento boxes in Munich!


2 thoughts on “Tokyo: Käfer at Mitsukoshi in Ginza”

  1. It’s all called ‘souzai’ which is kind of like a la carte… it’s been quite popular in the past few years with LOTS of ‘designer’ shops putting their names in there, like you noticed Kafer, other restaurants and renowned chefs etc., getting into the mix. Nearly every department store has its own collection of booths.
    It’s basically where all the rich, housewives with not much to do and too much money go to spend their late afternoons before going home to feed their families.
    Wonderful pictures…makes me hungry! lol

    1. wow – really helpful again, thanks Brent! I liked this posh version of a food court but was surprised that there was no place to sit down. Where are you supposed to eat? In the office or at home?

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