Tokyo: Food alley in Ginza

While walking through the streets of Ginza we came across a small food alley tucked away underneath elevated rail tracks. I was trying to find the location on Google maps again, but I can’t – however, if I were to visit Tokyo again, I could probably find my way to the food alley again by exiting the station through a shopping mall and food court and turning left upon exiting.

Anyway, these type of food alleys are quite typical for Tokyo – there are a few tucked away throughout the city. Here’s a list with a few suggestions around Tokyo, but I’ve not tried them.

I’ve read a few comments that it helps if you go with a local or at least a Japanese person, but of course, that’s always the case regardless where you go.

We did not have time to try a meal there – we were in a rush to get back to Shinjuku for a meeting, so we could only take a few pictures, but I love the look and feel of an ‘old’ Tokyo and I’d love to go back for more pictures and hopefully a few Yakitori sticks or sushi pieces.


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