Tokyo: Boat trip on Sumida River

After visiting the Senso-ji temple in Asakusa we walked to the river and went on a boat trip on the Sumida river.

There are different trips to choose from and we went for the 1 hour round trip, from Asakusa to Hinode and back again.

The boat took us past Hamarikyu Japanese Gardens down to Hinode, from where we could see the so called Rainbow bridge.

Then we went along the Tsukiji Fish Market, which was an amazing sight, even in the afternoon when it was already closed for business for the day.

We did not have enough time to visit the fish market this time, but hopefully we’ll be coming back to Tokyo and see it then.

There were lots of modern buildings and bridges in the area, but also a few old warehouses and factories. So a very nice mix indeed!

A building that made me chuckle is the Asahi beer headquarters located on the Sumida River. Its top resembles a factory flame, but it looks more like a flaming bean to me.


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