Bangkok: Thai popsicle at Chatuchak Weekend Market

Do you know what this old-fashioned looking gadget is being used for? What does it do?

Bangkok Chatuchak Weekend Market Ice cream 1

Well, the headline has given it away already – it is a water ice maker. Not sure if this is the official name, but that’s what I started calling these big drums that are on a small cart, pulled by mostly elderly women through the small alleys of Chatuchak market.

How does it work? Little metal test tubes are filled with sugar water of different colour then flash frozen by turning the metal pan back and forth. Once the metal test tube is frozen, the popsicle seller just quickly dips it into warm water and then pulls out the popsicle.

You can tell where they Thai popsicle sellers are, they always have a crowd of children surrounding them.

Bangkok Chatuchak Weekend Market Ice cream 2

The Thai popsicle costs just 4 baht, hat’s 10 cent in Euros and 13 cent in USD. Just be careful, they are very sweet as this video about the market and the Thai popsicles sold there shows:


3 thoughts on “Bangkok: Thai popsicle at Chatuchak Weekend Market”

  1. Hi there
    Need your help. where i can get this traditional Thai Popsicle maker in bangkok infact i realy tryed a lot but succes looking for above for my Cafe in UAE. Pls get me the address for the above supplyer if u can.

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