Bangkok photography: Favourite pictures

Before I blog about our amazing time in Chiang Mai I’ll briefly show you my favourite Bangkok photos from this trip.

1 Bangkok Thanon Phloen Chit

Of course, the heavy traffic photo from our first day must be included – but I guess what I call ‘heavy’ traffic is probably a day-to-day image on this busy street.

2 Bangkok Chatuchak Weekend Market Puppets

During our visit at Chatuchak market I noticed these amazing puppets – beautiful to look at. Both Patrick and I had to take pictures and of course, his looks nicer – but this one is my picture!

4 Bangkok Monk in the street

This monk passed us when we were leaving the market – and I just always love the bright orange colour he’s wearing. It’s such a beautiful sight seeing the colorful monks walking the streets in Asia (not just Bangkok!).

5 Bangkok dinner time

On our walk from the Grand Palace to Khao San Road we passed this group of people enjoying an early dinner – the food smelled really nice and looked yummy, but we had already other plans and just kept walking past this impromptu dinner set up.

6 Bangkok side street Thanon Buranasat

A picture taken in one of the backstreets, the night was just about to set and it was an interesting area. Lots of nice houses, people sitting at the side of the street chatting, and of course, Tuk Tuks on the street.

7 Bangkok side street Thanon Buranasat

Another side street: this time with lots of bunting hanging above us. A nice contrast to the blue sky and it’s nice to catch the dusk hour.

8 Bangkok Jim Thompson House Lotus flowers

The final picture shows a pond of lotus flowers at the Jim Thompson house – we probably took a combined 40 pictures of the flowers, as they were so nice to look at. Beautiful flowers. Great colours.


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