Kyoto: Yasaka Shrine

On our way back to our hotel in Southern Higashiyama we walked passed the Yasaka Shrine, which is located between the Gion District and Higashiyama District. It is considered the guardian shrine of Gion.

Yasaka Shrine in Gion Kyoto 1

The present buildings are from 1654. The granite toori was erected in 1666 and stands 9.5m high, making it one of the tallest in Japan.

Yasaka Shrine in Gion Kyoto 2

It’s main attraction is a stage with hundreds of lanterns that get lit in the evenings. Each lantern bears the name of a local business in return for a donation.

Yasaka Shrine in Gion Kyoto 3

We’ve only been here during daytime, so we could not witness this magnificent view, but we’ve been told it must look amazing!

Yasaka Shrine in Gion Kyoto 4


3 thoughts on “Kyoto: Yasaka Shrine”

    1. I clearly need to watch my spelling – it’s a torii. That’s a traditional Japanese gate most commonly found at the entrance of a Shinto shrine. Kyoto was lovely, you really should go there. It’s very nice!

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