Tokyo: Station

Tokyo Station is the main rail terminal in Tokyo and the busiest station in Japan in terms of number of trains per day (over 3,000). With the Narita Express, Shinkansen, JR and private rail lines, plus the Tokyo Metro passing through, most visitors end up transiting at Tokyo at some point during their trip.

Recent visits to this station might not have been all that impressive, as it was undergoing a big renovation. But this has changed now.

Tokyo Station 1

Tokyo Station 2

The front on the Marunouchi side has been finished last October. It is a prominent red brick building, which dates from the Meiji Period.

The inside is really beautiful renovated too – this is just the entrance with the ticket counters:

Tokyo Station 4

Tokyo Station 3

More construction works have been going on the opposite side of the station, the Yaesu Side, where three skyscrapers were added to the station complex in recent years, and a pedestrian deck is currently being built.

We walked through the station, explored the food court (there is a special Ramen corner) and the character street (lots of different Japanese characters are on sale) and had some great katsu curry for lunch.


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