Sam the Cat

Sam’s third month

It’s mid-August already and Sam has been living with us for three and a half months now. He’s grown to a proper cat size and weighs three kilos now.

Sam 28.7b

He is now over five months old and lost his baby teeth. His proper teeth have now grown and he’s ready to eat adult cat food now.

Sam 7.7b

He still loves to play and is a very curious cat – the number of times I had to drag him out of my wardrobe has been over ten times last week. He really likes to play hide and seek.

Sam 28.7

He’s had his first three vaccinations and won’t need more for the next months. He’s a happy indoor cat.

Sam 11.8


4 thoughts on “Sam’s third month”

  1. Sam is a beautiful, happy cat! He is a lucky cat to be with you two, I get the feeling he is a little spoiled cat. Right? But why not, I spoil mine too. Give him a kiss on his nose from me.

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