Singapore: Views from the SkyPark on top of the Marina Bay Sands

My final Singapore post is about the Marina Bay Sands – the huge resort that was built on reclaimed land and opened in February 2011.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore 1

The complex includes a 2,500+ rooms hotel, a huge shopping mall, a casino, a museum, theatre, exhibition hall, ice rink and much more.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore 2

Marina Bay Sands Singapore 3

Screen shot 2013-08-24 at 11.17.48

Screen shot 2013-08-24 at 11.17.54

What makes it so special is the SkyPark that is resting on top and includes a huge swimming pool (for hotel guests only). As a visitor you can purchase tickets to go to the SkyPark or go to the Ku De Ta bar for a drink. We decided to go for the latter.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore 4

Marina Bay Sands Singapore 5

Marina Bay Sands Singapore 6

Marina Bay Sands Singapore 7

We were lucky – the views were pretty spectacular on the day we went. It was hot and sunny, so we sat in the shade sipping cool drinks (water and beer – not mixed!) and watched the fantastic view across Singapore’s skyscrapers, buildings, the harbour and also parks.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore 8

Marina Bay Sands Singapore 9


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