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Hiking: Tai O to Tung Chung

I’ve done this hike a few times in different directions, most recently from Tung Chung to Tai O (see this blog post here). It is a fairly easy hike as it is all very flat, just a little long with 13km.

I started the hike by strolling through Tai O – I really like this old fisher village with its stilt houses. It does not feel like Hong Kong to me. My phone often thinks I’m in China too, as it switches me to a Chinese network in Tai O.

Tai O tu Tung Chung Hike 1

Tai O tu Tung Chung Hike 4

Tai O tu Tung Chung Hike 5

Tai O tu Tung Chung Hike 6

Tai O tu Tung Chung Hike 2

There were lots of traders selling their fresh and dried seafood, of course, you could try the grilled squid, fried sweet potato or little chicken eggs – but this time I fancied something different. I tried the Chinese pancake for 25 HKD.

The Chinese crepe was made with a few basic ingredients: crepe mixture, egg, spring onions, coriander, sesame, pickled vegetables (I really love them, I always add them to my noodle soups) and a fried wonton skin cracker. Plus some special secret sauce (it must have been a mix of soy, oyster and some other sauce). savoury biscuit cracker and seasoning.

Tai O tu Tung Chung Hike 3 Chinese Pizza

It was all prepared in front of me, first the pancake batter was spread out, then the egg was broken, mixed and added. When the egg was half cooked the spring onions, coriander, pickled vegetables and lots of sesame were sprinkled on so that they adhered to the half cooked egg while being heated. Then the fried wonton skin and special sauce was added, the pancake rolled and cut into two pieces – enough to keep me going until Tung Chung!

Tai O tu Tung Chung Hike 7

I started the hike opposite the Yeung Hau Temple and walked alongside the North side of the Cheung Shan (449m) hill. As I said, it’s a nice and easy hike – especially in the late afternoon when it’s not that stiff, hot and sunny anymore.

Tai O tu Tung Chung Hike 8

From there the hike continues past Sham Wat Wan, which is a bay next to a small village with shops that sell refreshments. Across the bay, you can already see the construction for the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, a 9 billion USD or 42 kilometre span made up of a six-lane network of bridges and a 6.7 kilometre undersea tunnel to connect the three urban centers.

When it opens to traffic in 2016, the bridge will cut the travel time by car between the two sides of the delta to just 45 minutes from around four hours. I’m not sure that’s really worth it – you can travel by ferry from Macau to Hong Kong in about 60 minutes. Is that not convenient enough already?

Anyway, my hike then continued through lush green forest section, away from the shore. It’s still a flat hike, just two small inclines need to be walked – so not much to break out into sweat, at least not on a late afternoon. The kittens in Sha Lo wan were also very relaxed…

Tai O tu Tung Chung Hike 10 Kittens

From Sha Lo Wan onwards you can see the airport (you will have heard it way earlier already) – this section is very close to the runway at Hong Kong International Airport. It’s interesting to see the planes land and take off, there is even a pavilion and look-out point from where you can oversee the airport.

Tai O tu Tung Chung Hike 11 Airport

Tai O tu Tung Chung Hike 12 Airport

The hike finishes at Tung Chung Bay, so it’s just along the Yat Tung Estate until I reached the Tung Chung Centre, from which the DB01R runs back to Discovery Bay Plaza (every 15-20 minutes).


2 thoughts on “Hiking: Tai O to Tung Chung”

  1. The bridge does seem excessive…to Macao. To Zhuhai, maybe not as much? From there, you can easily get to Macao anyway (as our mutual blogging acquaintance expatlingo knows well).

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