Hong Kong

Chinese letter boxes

I always love the Chinese letter boxes you can see all over Hong Kong – sometimes there is just one single letter box at the front door, other times there are several boxes in the hallway.

Canton Street 4 old mailboxes

They are always the same size and shape and come with little cut-out symbols on the front.

I always tried to find out what the symbols stand for – finally, I found a new blog called StyleBriefHongKong, where Belinda explained that the cut-out symbols ‘represent two old Hong Kong coins set in pairs because the Chinese believe pairs to be lucky. The idea is that the letters are placed inside the boxes and will bring luck to the receiver’. Nicely said!


I’m not sure if you can purchase them in lots of shops, but Belinda recommends ‘Cheung Kee Copper & Iron – a little stall on Pottinger Street steps between Wellington St and Hollywood Road in Central’.

Typically, the letter box is big enough for parcels, magazines and large mail items. The lid at the top is secured with a clasp which can be padlocked as necessary.


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