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Interview with StyleBriefHongKong

Today I’m featuring a blog I recently discovered while searching for information about Chinese letter boxes: StyleBriefHongKong.

This is a great blog about life in Hong Kong – with amazing pictures that always capture my full attention. Even if I might have walked past the place or shop before, Belinda and Ingrid show it in a new, refreshing light to me and provide interesting background information.

StyleBriefHongKong features places to visit, foods to try, products to explore as well as interviews with small businesses owners in Hong Kong. Belinda and Ingrid, both from Australia, are experts in sourcing great products (and stories), styling them and showing them in a new light. You can tell that both are in love with Hong Kong just by looking at the photos and reading the blog entries. As soon as I discovered their blog, I included it in my RSS feed so I can stay on top of their updates.

But let’s start… so here are my questions and the answers provided by Ingrid and Belinda:

StyleBriefHongKong 0

What made you decide to start a blog?
Belinda and I started working together on shoots for magazines and private clients and found that we both enjoyed working with each other. We both have a similar eye and focus so the blog was naturally an organic step after that.

StyleBriefHongKong 1

Where do you get your inspiration from?
(Ingrid) My inspiration comes from my work, my travel and my family. Belinda and I work very well together and both have a very strong work ethic.
(Belinda) Inspiration comes from all over, Hong Kong is a very inspirational place full of very creative people. Also being able to work with someone who has the same vision as you is great for being able to bounce ideas off.

StyleBriefHongKong 2

What has been the highlight of working on your blog so far?
The people we have met through the blog and the opportunities are endless. I think it is good to focus on all the wonderful things that Hong Kong has to offer and when you live in this city for a long time you can end up not appreciating them. Hopefully our blog ignites all of this for people living here or people living anywhere.

StyleBriefHongKong 3

What do you like to do when you are not working on your blog?
(Ingrid) I work as a writer and stylist. I also source and make products for clients both here in Hong Kong and overseas. I also love working on collaborations with artists and designers.
(Belinda) I also work designing beautiful montages of Hong Kong and abroad, I love working on commissions for people and being able to create a beautiful memory of their time here. When I am not working I am spending time with my family who are my everything.

StyleBriefHongKong 4

What tip would you give to someone visiting Hong Kong for the first time?
To check our blog and to visit some of our posts to get some wonderful lesser known shopping and style ideas.

Thanks for the interview Ingrid and Belinda, it was nice talking with you.

If you also fell in love with the amazing pictures and would like to discover more about products and stories of Hong Kong, head over to StyleBriefHongKong or check out their Facebook page.

[All pictures in this post belong to Ingrid and Belinda at StyleBriefHongKong ]


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