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Building M+ / The Architecture Collection

The M+ museum (M+ stands for museum and mroe) will showcase visual culture that spans local 20th and 21st century art, design and architecture from China, Asia and beyond.

At the M+ exhibition at the ArtisTree I visited a preview of the museum’s growing collection of architectural models, drawings, renderings and photographs. It included original drawings of Tokyo’s Imperial Hotel by Frank Lloyd Wright, images of the Guangzhou Opera House by Dutch photographer Iwan Baan and several models.

M+ The Architecture Collection 2014-4

The show includes the typical Hong Kong residential towers by Rocco Design Architects (like Tai Koo or the Hollywood Terrace) …

M+ The Architecture Collection 2014-8

… and fantastic unbuilt dream towers by MAD like these for the city of Beijing.

M+ The Architecture Collection 2014-6

M+ The Architecture Collection 2014-7

But what I found more interesting are the images of anothermountainman, who shows the negative side of architecture. His series ‘Lanwei’ (rotten end) shows failed and abandoned buildings that were begun – but never completed – during recent property booms throughout Asia.

M+ The Architecture Collection 2014-1

M+ The Architecture Collection 2014-2

M+ The Architecture Collection 2014-3

Finally, a number of easily recognisable buildings. From Steven Holl’s Linked Hybrid, one of the most significant architectural projects to rise in Beijing during the period of the city’s 2008 summer Olympics…

M+ The Architecture Collection 2014-5

… and the HK Centre for Performing Arts…

M+ The Architecture Collection 2014-9

… to the easily recognisable Peak Tower in the 1970s. Much nicer than today’s Peak Tower, me thinks!

M+ The Architecture Collection 2014-10


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