Hong Kong, Kowloon

YMCA Indoor Rock Climbing Wall

Last week we went for a team building exercise and visited the YMCA Indoor Climbing Wall in Tsim Tsa Tsui in Kowloon. I’ve never been to the YMCA before and I’ve never been climbing. So it was quite an experience!

YMCA Indoor Rock Climbing Wall 2

We booked an introduction session for eight team members and had three hours to learn everything about putting on a harness, tying knots and climbing up and down walls. It was hard work but also great fun!

We had two trainers, very experienced climbers, who taught us the basics of climbing and rope work. We had one of the rooms (they have two) for ourselves, so we could explore different parts of the climbing wall on our own. The trainers teamed us up in pairs of two, one was climbing and the other girl was securing the other.

YMCA Indoor Rock Climbing Wall 1

First we only practiced climbing up 4-5m and then they asked us to reach the top – which must have been 7m. Next, we had to learn how to react if the climber slips or falls – and that was a tough one. Practising a fall is really hard. Not just for the team member who is securing you, but also for the one that has to let go. There’s nothing worse than hanging on to a wall and someone below screams at you to let go… but of course, we were all secured and it was fine.

We spent 3 hours climbing – and the package included the provision of climbing equipment, the exclusive use of the climbing wall, the two guides that looked after us and the use of the changing facilities in the YMCA. I am not sure what the package cost (our company paid for it) but the 2-hour climbing fun day for companies costs 1,560 HKD for up to 16 participants. They also host kids birthdays! Here is more info about the YMCA Indoor Rock Climbing Wall, which is at 41 Salisbury Road in Kowloon (Tel 2268 7099 / Email climbing@ymcahk.org.hk).


4 thoughts on “YMCA Indoor Rock Climbing Wall”

  1. hi, I am louielou i read the above article, and really want to climb at the TST Y’s climbing wall, i will be visiting family around the chinese new year. will be around for about a month. is there a community of climbing i may find a belaying partner to climb with? i have five years climbing in nyc, and some outdoor experience as well. thanks. louielou

    1. Hi Louielou – I’d love to help you, but I can’t. It was a one off event that our team went to YMCA to climb there, I don’t know of any rock climbing groups to join. But maybe contact YMCA directly or check out if there are any MeetUp groups in Hong Kong that focus on climbing? Good luck and safe travels!

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