Sam the Cat

Sam loves the rain

After a few days of sunshine we’re back to grey and rainy weather. I really start to hate it – but my cat Sam loves it. Not the actual rain, but the umbrella that comes with the rain.

Sam with umbrella 1

He’d be happy to sit in an umbrella all day!

Sam with umbrella 2

Let’s just hope the weather improves. The Hong Kong Observatory is not too optimistic: Mainly cloudy with a few rain patches tomorrow. It will be brighter in the following couple of days.


3 thoughts on “Sam loves the rain”

  1. Hahaha…that’s a new one for me: a cat that loves to sit IN an umbrella. Funny!

    I am not a big rain fan myself, and that’s an understatement.

    The first three months of this year were exceptionally dry and sunny here. People complained and nature dried out, but I loved it.

    Since about three weeks, we are back to ‘normal’ weather, which means that there will be both sunshine AND clouds and thunderstorms every day.
    Nature turned green again.

    Ok then;-).

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