Hanoi: Sleeping people at markets

I had not planned on actually doing a series on sleeping people at markets in Hanoi, but I encountered so many of them!

Hanoi Sleeping 1

That’s because I went to see the Dong Xuan and Cho Hom markets in the early afternoon. The sellers were all tired from their lunch break and took a rest in their stall.

Hanoi Sleeping 2

Given the small spaces, they had to spread out across the goods they were selling, which made for really interesting and colorful pictures, don’t you agree?

Hanoi Sleeping 6

Hanoi Sleeping 7

Not everyone was sleeping, some of the sellers were playing on their phones or chatting with each other.

Hanoi phone at the market

Hanoi Chợ Hôm market 3

But overall, the whole atmosphere was that people were having their after-lunch break and business at this point of the day is quite slow. It was fun for me to walk around and take those pictures, especially as soon as some of the other (bored) shop keepers noticed me, they tried to point out some of their sleeping colleagues to me, so I could get closer and take a picture of them. Of course, then the bored shop keepers wanted to see my images and comment on them – but I guess it was a nice distraction on a boring Monday afternoon for them!


3 thoughts on “Hanoi: Sleeping people at markets”

    1. Thanks – just saw your London pics (very nice), it all felt very familiar. Maybe a little too familiar! I’m not ready to go back yet :)

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