South Korea

South Korea: Daegu

Daegu is not a place that was high on my must-visit list – but we ended up going there (maybe you can guess the reason? I’ll reveal it in my next post) anyway.

Daegu 0

The city is the fourth largest after Seoul, Busan and Incheon, and about 2 hours on the train from Seoul. We only stayed for one night and had a hotel booked next to the convention centre.

Daegu 1 Exco 1

Daegu 2 Exco 2

This is actually one of the outskirts of the city, it’s not actually downtown Daegu. To get to the downtown part, we had to take a taxi for anything between 20 and 35 minutes, depending on the traffic. Daegu seems to be surrounded by mountains, it’s hilly and green – and I wish we would have time to explore the surroundings, but we only had a few hours to spare…

Daegu 3 Sunshine

… so we just walked through the downtown area, which had a few shops. Similar to several places in Asia, it seemed that different streets were dedicated to different shops. We walked through a street selling radio and TV equipment, the next one sold kitchenware and then there was one with spare car parts!

Daegu 4 Shopping

Also one thing that was very popular in Daegu were shops selling army, navy and military wear. I guess that’s because there are three American military bases in Daegu that are home to several thousand Americans… or maybe it’s a typical thing sold in South Korean cities!

Daegu 5 Shopping Military Supply

Actually, at night time we really noticed that there were a lot of non-Koreans out on the street. We had thought we’d be one of the few Westerners, but that was actually not the case.

Daegu 6 Nightlife

Daegu 7 Nightlife

Of course, we went to an area that’s very popular, so no wonder there were lots of different people hanging out. We went to a local bar, which was quite fun – good music and (compared to Hong Kong or Seoul) cheap drinks!

Daegu 8 Nightlife


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