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Review: Han Ah Rum

There are many Korean restaurants all over Hong Kong – and whenever you ask a Korean for their favourite one, they will send you to Kimberley Street in Tsim Sha Tsui. However, if you don’t want to travel to Kowloon, then there are several good options on the island-side. One of the is Han Ah Rum in Causeway Bay. It is popular with Koreans, because it serves authentic Korean food.

Han Ah Rum Korean Restaurant 1

Han Ah Rum Korean Restaurant 2

We go there every four to six weeks, and we usually order several cuts of meat to grill on the BBQ. The Bulgogi meat is quite tasty and we’ve had some good US beef there too – they also serve nice lamb and pork. Whenever we order meat for BBQ, we also order the lettuce leaves and the bean paste, so we can wrap up the meat.

Han Ah Rum Korean Restaurant 3

Han Ah Rum Korean Restaurant 4

Plus we usually get a side order of seafood pancake (it can be quite greasy sometimes – so you might want to drink some soju or beer with it)! The portion sizes are quite big, so you won’t leave this place hungry.

Han Ah Rum Korean Restaurant 5

However, if you want some extra side dishes (maybe more sweet potatoes, fiery kimchi or garlic broccoli) you will have to order them extra (10HKD per portion). That’s a bit unusual, in Korea they would just serve you a second helping automatically. But here in Hong Kong you have to pay for extra side dishes.

Usually you have to book a table, as the restaurant can be quite busy – unless you go early or late.

Would I go there again? Yes of course and I have been there plenty of times – every time I fancy some good BBQ and side dishes (if I fancy soup or bibim bap I might go to other restaurants that are closer to our home – but for BBQ meat, Han Ah Rum is a good choice!).

Han Ah Rum
6/F, Causeway Bay Plaza 1,489 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay
Tel. 2877 7797


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