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Review: GyuJin Hot Pot

It’s winter… perfect time for hot pot. Usually we would make hot pot at home, but given that my husband is not a fan of hot pot, my parents and I decided to eat out. On the island side, we like to go to Him Kee hot pot, but when we are on the Kowloon side (usually before a concert or event at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre) we like to go to GyuJin Hot Pot at the ISquare shopping mall.

GyuJin Hot Pot iSquare Kowloon 1

GyuJin Hot Pot iSquare Kowloon 2

This is an all-you-can-eat buffet style hot pot with a few specific rules – you have 90 mins eating time, you must order the same ‘set’ of meat (but you can get refills) and you have to be strategic and don’t waste food (otherwise you’ll pay a fine). The place is popular as it is very affordable, we usually pay around 200 HKD per head to eat lots – so you have to get there early. We usually try and be there before 6pm, so we don’t have to wait.

GyuJin Hot Pot iSquare Kowloon 3

GyuJin Hot Pot iSquare Kowloon 4

Usually we pick half/half soup, so one half of the broth is spicy and the other isn’t. We ordered beef to go with it, but you can also choose pork loin and/or pork belly – but we prefer beef. And after that you can go to the buffet and pick up almost any vegetables that you can think of, lots of fish and meat balls, sausages, noodles (udon or ramen) and rice. And of course, lots of different condiments to make your own dipping sauce.

I am not a fan of the sausages and meat balls, but I can easily eat my bodyweight in mushrooms, pumpkin, sweet corn, tomatoes and tofu/beancurd. I am always amazed that I can fit in 2-3 big servings in my belly and leave room for the haagen dazs ice cream!

GyuJin Hot Pot iSquare Kowloon 5

GyuJin Hot Pot iSquare Kowloon 6

Would I eat there again? Yes, I have been there several times (and there are also other outlets including one in Causeway Bay that would be much closer to my home) and I like that I can pick my own vegetables, make my own sauce and just eat whatever I like! It is good value for money, the service is quick and friendly and the ingredients are regularly refreshed/exchanged. Of course, it is just a practical restaurant, it is not a place that I would take Patrick out for a romantic dinner…

GyuJin Hot Pot
Shop 706, 7/F, iSquare, 63 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui


4 thoughts on “Review: GyuJin Hot Pot”

    1. Thanks – unfortunately we haven’t got a family recipe yet, it is a bit hit and miss and every time it turns out slightly different… but yes, good idea!

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