Hong Kong


Are you familiar with HK URBEX? If not, and you are interested in Hong Kong’s history and mysteries, then check out this post today.

HK URBEX stands for Hong Kong Urban Exploration and it is a very interesting group of people. They call themselves visual creators and storytellers, who are on a mission to unearth Hong Kong’s derelict abandoned sites.

I follow them on Facebook, and am amazed by the places they discover and uncover – the way they are photographed and showcased to the rest of the world. Some of the places the HK URBEX team enters seem to be on private grounds or so hidden that you need to know where they are and how to get there, which makes it even more interesting to see how these places look like – after they have been abandoned many years ago.

For instance this haunted school, which closed in early 1998 and the ghost of the school mistress in a red dress, who killed herself, is said to linger here.


Or this defunct police base, which was the former operational base for Hong Kong’s Kai Tak airport.


The Mansion of Mystery is also intriguing – not much of its history is known. It combines Chinese elements with Western ones, like these red bricks. The history of the building is unclear, but it is in an area full of history (including a famous plane crash in 1946).

HK URBEX Mansion

Every month, there is a new excursion and discovery – some right in the centre of busy Kowloon, others far away in a remote corner of the New Territories. Every time, I’ll discover something new – and you probably do so too (if you decide to follow them on Facebook). In case you are a big fan, here is also a YouTube video channel so you can explore some of the hidden sites better.

[All pictures in this post belong to HK URBEX]


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