Da Nang: Madame Lan

We did not do much in Da Nang, we only stayed for three nights and spent most days at the pool or beach – except for a trip to Hoi An and for a meeting with some fellow paragliding fans that Patrick met via the power of social media… yes it sounds bizarre, but it was a lovely meeting with a local pilot and his girlfriend, who were more than happy to share with us the details about paragliding and its only flying site in Danang.

We spent the afternoon together and in the evening, we all went out for dinner. William picked Madame Lan, and it was a great choice for all of us, because there were so many different food items to choose from! While it was a little overpriced in comparison what we had paid for street food the other day, the restaurant atmosphere was lovely – we sat next to the courtyard and looked out to the riverside. We enjoyed the food and we decided to come back the following day, before we would head of to the airport.

Madame Lan Restaurant Danang 1

So the next day, we arrived in the late afternoon, and the whole place was quiet (pretty much the opposite as to the evening before). Lina loved it, because she could run around, exploring the different rooms (they are all connected through the courtyard) and look at the fish tanks with the fresh seafood.

Madame Lan Restaurant Danang 2

The restaurant had a high chair, so eating out with a toddler was not a big problem. We ordered lots of different dishes, we had Vietnamese sausages, raviolis and rice cakes as a starter.

Madame Lan Restaurant Danang 4

Followed by noodles with chicken (a classic dish from the region). Lina loved the noodles in the rich gravy, although they were a little challenging to eat.

Madame Lan Restaurant Danang 5

Then we had Madame Lan’s spring rolls with pork and shrimp – a little on the fatty side, but so good and tasty.

Madame Lan Restaurant Danang 3

Patrick ordered some steamed shrimp – an expensive dish (it was cheaper at the little fish restaurant up north that we had been to the other day) but it was so fresh and tasty. Given that Lina loves prawn and shrimp, it was a good investment! We kept peeling shells and she kept eating.

Not pictured, because we had the dishes the night before, were a massive papaya salad with pork belly (all very fresh and yummy), plus a fried rice dish (for Lina) and a stew made with crab meat.

The portions were all big, we had so much to eat – but lots of the ingredients were fresh herbs and salad, so it felt not too heavy (apart from the fried spring rolls).

The restaurant reminded me much of Quan An Ngon that we had been to in Hanoi and I think that the menus are pretty much the same (a mix of Northern and Southern Vietnamese dishes). I am just curious who Madame Lan is – there is a statue of her in the restaurant, but I can’t find any information if she was a real person or not. Anyone out there knows and wants to enlighten me? :)

Madame Lan Restaurant Danang 6

It is all a bit touristy, but given the nice atmosphere and relaxed seating – and the fact there are high chairs for toddlers, it was a good choice for us and we enjoyed eating a dinner and late lunch at Madame Lan!

Would I go there again? Yes,
probably if we are back in Da Nang – it is easy to find, all the taxi drivers seem to know it and the food is reasonably priced. It is a good selection of Vietnamese dishes, and with a toddler in tow, it is a safe choice.

Madame Lan
4 Bach Dang St, Da Nang, Vietnam


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