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Star Ferry Harbour Tour

This is quite fun for kids – you get to ride on a special Star Ferry (the ‘Shining Star’) across the Harbour for about an hour. You can side inside in the cool a/c room or outside at the front or back, and watch Hong Kong Island and Kowloon go past you.

We’re great fans of the Star Ferry and we’ve been on the Harbour Tour a couple of times already, and both kids enjoy the ride. Especially as the ticket includes a free drink and a pack of cookies, which they both love eating.

We have started the Harbour Tour at the Wan Chai as well as Central Ferry Pier, and basically the boat loops round in a circle, so you could also start at Tsim Sha Tsui. You get off at the pier that you started the journey, so it does not matter which one you start, you will always end up at the same pier.

The tour goes anti-clockwise through the harbour, and there is some (pre-recorded) commentary that explains to you the buildings on the left and right hand side, alongside some history.

The tour takes place during the day (which we’ve done a few times already) or during the evening, which is times with the light and laser show. The exact schedule can be found here, but roughly said, the tour departures every 55 minutes past the hour from Tsim Sha Tsui (between 11.55-19.55), every 15 minutes past the hour from Central (between 12.15 and 19.15) and every 30 minutes past the hour from the Wan Chai Ferry pier (between 11.30 and 15.30).

Prices in 2018:

  • Kids under the age of 3 are free of charge
  • Adults: It costs 105HKD for a single ride day ticket or 190HKD for a single night ride day ticket. The special Symphony of Harbour Lights cruise at 19.15 (from Central) / 19.55 (from TST) costs 215HKD
  • Children (Aged 3-12) and Seniors (Aged 65 or above): 95HKD for single day ride / 171HKD for a single night ride / 194HKD for the Harbour Lights Cruise

The tickets are sold on a first-come-first-served basis and while you can purchase it online you can also purchase over the Harbour Tour ticket counters at the Ferry Piers (remember to bring cash!). Also Klook offers good discounts to purchase the Harbour Tour tickets here.

My tip:

Check the weather forecast – you want to make the most of the ride, so you should aim for a day with clear skies – or at least a view. I’ve been on foggy or even rainy days and it is just not worth the ride. On such days (if you really have to take a boat trip) just hop on the normal star ferry!

Stroller-friendly: Yes

You can use a stroller when you go on the Star Ferry – there is plenty of room on board and the entrance/exit gangplank has an area with fewer bumps, so it is easier to push the stroller. But it does depend on how many other people are on the Shining Star with you, you might want to fold it while you are on board, so people can easily navigate around your stroller.


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