Singapore: Masjid Sultan

Masjid Sultan is the Malay name for the Sultan Mosque in the Kampong Glam district. The original mosque was constructed from 1824 to 1826 by Sultan Hussain with funds solicited from the East India Company. But it became too small when Singapore became a centre for Islamic commerce, culture and art in the early 1900s.… Continue reading Singapore: Masjid Sultan


Singapore: Kampong Glam or Arab Quarter

We strolled around the city centre until we reached the corners of the Kampong Glam or Arab Quarter, which is just a couple of streets big - but full of little shops and cafes. This area was home to the Malay aristocracy of Singapore in the 1800s, before the Raffles Plan of 1822 divided the… Continue reading Singapore: Kampong Glam or Arab Quarter