Hong Kong Park

Last Saturday it was raining and cold – not many people were out and about. It was a good time to visit the Hong Kong Park – right in the heart of Hong Kong.

It’s a big area, and it includes the Hong Kong Tea Ware Museum (see my previous post here), a clock tower, a restaurant, the squash and sports center, a centre for the visual art and many more things.

For instance, it includes a conservatory:

The admittance to the greenhouse is free and it includes a lovely room with orchids and other flowers, a dry area with cactuses and a big humid area with amazing plants, palm trees, shrubs, a water fall and even a cacao tree with fruits.

There is also a Tai Chi Garden in the park, when I walked through it, I was alone. No one was practising – but early morning, during the week, the sight might be different.

There is also tower, which you can climb up (105 steps, no rest) to enjoy the surrounding view. It shows you the architecture of the park, the Tai Chi Garden from the air…

…the Flagstaff House (where the Tea Ware Museum is housed) with the red roof next to all the trees and high-rise office buildings…

…the restaurant and conservatory – and also all the tall, high office and residential buildings next to the park. It’s a densely populated area.

I made my way back down from the tower, and then entered the aviary – also for free. It’s huge, with a walk way high up in the sky.

The birds are sitting in the trees, some are eating the fruits that have been put out for them (clearly, their favourites are papaya and apple) and others are just watching the people (hardly any on Saturday) walking through the aviary. It’s very interesting, a lovely lush green atmosphere, with hundreds of birds in the brightest colours.


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