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Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware

On Saturday I decided to visit the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware, which is located in side the Hong Kong Park in Central. It’s open every day (except Tuesdays) and admission is free. The museum is located in a historical building, it was the former office and residence of the Commander of British Forces in Hong Kong.

The building was emptied in 1978, and there have been plans since 1981 to convert the building into a museum devoted to the subject of tea culture in China. It took until May 1991 before the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware could be opened.

The museum has two floors. On the ground floor is a permanent exhibition about drinking tea in China – explaining the different types of tea and also how to make the tea, as different dynasties and ethnic groups had different tea ceremonies and preparation tools.

On the first floor is a changing exhibition, in March 2011 this was an excellent exhibition about a Hong Kong pottery competition, with great entries.

Next door is the K.S.Lo Foundation, and this is another two story building. On the upper floor are ceramics from the Song and Ming dynasty, and seals from the Ming dynasty – very nice to look at. On the ground floor is a teahouse, which serves dim sum and vegetarian dishes – and tea of course!

I tried some lovely Chinese silver tip tea, together with some vegetable dim sum. A nice little snack during the day, and I am sure I’ll be back to try the other dishes and a different type of tea in the evening.


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