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Stroll: Street market in Central

We also strolled through a market area in Central last weekend – it’s similar to the one we saw in Mong Kok, but this time it’s less crowded. There are far fewer people here, shopping for the weekend. We noticed that there are all kind of shops. Starting from real physical shops selling all king of electronically equipment…
… to stationary shops that are tiny, but crowded with goods to buy.
Or course, there are the butchers…
… and fish mongers, and all out on the open street. It’s for everyone to see how they prepare the meat/fish they are selling, and if you don’t like what you get in one place, just move down to the street to the next. I found is surprising that many shops here in Hong Kong always cling together. So if you found one stationary shop, you can be sure there will be three others in its close surroundings. The same goes for shops selling tiles, kitchenware, electronics, shops etc. – they will all be close together, in the same area/street. This make shopping easier, as long as you know in which area you can find the shops you are looking for.


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