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Stroll: Hollywood Road

Last weekend we also decided to stroll through Hollywood Road. This road is in Central, so very close to my office, and I really should spend more time walking through it, as I really enjoy looking in the shops and stalls.

The road is filled with trinket and antique shops of all sorts: from Chinese furniture to porcelain ware, from Buddha sculptures to Tibetan rugs, from Ming dynasty ceramic horsemen and kitsch Maoist memorabilia. Of course, you can also see all kind of stone lions in front of the shops.

It’s an interesting area to walk through. On the one hand you can see some really upmarket galleries, with lovely statues.

Some are made of metal others from stone or clay.

You can also find some great paintings and decorations.

But if you go into one of the little alleyways, there are just some market stalls.

They sell cheaper goods, so don’t question authenticity!

But still, there are lots of lovely things to look at.

I like the different necklaces made from stone or wood…

… the buddha figures…

… as well as these bowls.

There are some huge stone figures outside the shops, that also look amazing, but are too big for our flat!

I also noticed some figures that you can’t purchase, they are part of a shrine just next to one of the shops:

Finally, the most interesting buddha I saw today: this guy is made from bronze (at least that is what it said) and he is more like a piece of art, the way his body is shaped with the cut out pieces.


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