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First visit to the Victoria Peak

Five weeks in Hong Kong – and I’ve not been on top of the Victoria Peak. Time to change this we thought, and off we headed to the Peak Tram station. We picked a nice sunny day with a blue sky and a view as clear as it possible would get. Of course, other people thought this was a very good opportunity too!
It was very busy on a Sunday. Hundreds of other people had also thought about going to the Peak and so we had to queue for 80 minutes before taking the Peak Tram to the top. The tram itself is quick, just a five-minute ride it seemed, but very steep. I actually felt pushed into my chair, and could hardly turn around to enjoy the view. It feels as if we were on a 45 degree angle to the top! And in fact, reading up on the Peak Tram, it’s actually a 48 degree angle.
After a couple of minutes, we arrived with hundreds of visitors on the top of the peak. The top is on 552m, so not very high (compared to the mountains I am used to, back home in Bavaria), but still, it gives you a scenic view.
Unfortunately, the peak is not as quiet as it was many years ago – in fact there is a large shopping centre, with shops, restaurants, cafes, ice cream parlours, coffee shops and other things. It’s very crowded and you have to go through the shopping mall to reach the top.
There you pay again to enjoy the view from the highest point, which is really amazing!


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