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Hiking: Wilson Trail Stage 4

Last Sunday we went for another hike. After Wilson trail part 3 it was time for Wilson trail part 4! We took the MTR to Choi Hung and left through exit C2. The 1a Green Mini Bus to Saikung took us to Clear Water Bay Road (where we had left the trail the last time) and we started by walking through Tseng Lan Shue, a small village.

From here it was a five-minute walk to the start point of Section 4, which was a little hidden, next to a little farm.

You have to walk to the end of the little path, and then when the fenced gardens are to your left and right you turn right, towards the jungle-covered hill. If you see a country park map, then you are on the right way.

The path goes through the jungle upwards. First some steps upwards, then downwards – across a couple of small rivers.

You walk on big stones and small stones and at times it can be a little slippery, but it is every enjoyable.

All is very lush and green, and you can’t hear any urban noise. All you hear are birds and the wind in the trees.

We walked for 30 mins through the jungle, past a building site in ruins (it looked strange, half-finished, the bottom section nicely decorated with glass windows, and the staircase to the upper floor not even finished), until we reached a paved road.

We reached the village of Tai Lam Wu, with some really nice village houses and a great view.

From there the climb to the Tate’s Pass started. Many steps upwards, and a long route up the hill.

It was tiring, especially as the sun had come out and there was no protection from the trees anymore. We walked in the sun and of course, we were hot and sweaty immediately.

Halfway up the climb we turned around and we enjoyed an amazing view. You could see the lush green hills towards Saikung, the fisher village with the little houses, restaurants at the beach, harbour and boats on the open sea. Plus lots of islands on the horizon, a very scenic view.

We continued to climb upwards for another 20 minutes until we finally made it to the top.

After a short walk on a paved road, we reached the pass to cross over to the Kowloon side – and we were rewarded with an amazing view over Kowloon.

Shame it was a little foggy, otherwise we would have been able to see to the Peak and Lantau. Still an amazing view.

From there onwards it was easy, a paved road wound itself downhill and we kept walking for another 30 minutes, till we reached a minibus stop to take us back to Wong Tai Sin.

The whole walk was 8km long and took us 3 hours with a nice long break on top of the pass, enjoying the view over Kowloon.


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