HK Island

Team day in Ocean Park

Last week we had a team day out in Ocean Park – everyone in Hong Kong really loves Ocean Park and with the large number of attractions (animals and rides) it is no wonder that more people go to Ocean Park than Hong Kong Disneyland. Ocean Park really has so much to offer!

We spent a whole day in the park – we started in the lower area, first walking through the entrance area till we reached the first panda house (there are two in the park, each one is home to two pandas). In the first panda house one panda was sleeping and the other one was restless. We did not stay that long and made our way through the gift shop.

My colleague Greg tried a panda cushion (could be comfortable for a long flight) and while it looked like fun, he did not purchase it!

We left the first panda house and went to the second one. This is relatively new, with a big open space. The two pandas share the house with two red pandas, and they all seem to get one with each other! :) The first panda was very tired, but the second was active (there seems to be a story going on, one tired and one active). We took pictures with him, Emma and myself:

As well as a picture with Greg, Theo, Belle and myself:

After the pandas we walked around, watched a circus show, had lunch in the aquarium and then took some pictures with some of the famo us characters. The most famous one is a sea lion, but of course he’s got a number of friends. Here is Emma with a hippo:

Belle with Whiskers, the famous sea lion:

Emma with a goldfish lady:

We then went up the hill, the second part of the park. Up there are many rides, and of course, we had to give some of them a try. We tested the roller coasters and the wild water ride (it as warm enough, so we were not bothered about the spray water) and had a fun afternoon. Here is the final picture of the day, with the whole group:


5 thoughts on “Team day in Ocean Park”

    1. Haha – I wish that was true. But he only comes along sometimes, and was not with us in Ocean Park. So for these pictures in Ocean Park we had to ask strangers!

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