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Hiking: Wilson Trail Stage 9

This is by far the most amazing part of the Wilson Trail. I am so glad we travelled that far North, to Fanling, as it was just such a beautiful hike.

It was strenous and tiring, and we kept going for 3,5 hours to finish the 10,6km, but it was absolutely worth it!

The trail starts on the summit of Cloudy Hill (which is stage 8), but we started from the Hok Tau Reservoir, which is the lowest stretch of the trail.

We walked around the reservoir, past a BBQ area and then entered the forest. To our surprise, we found pine trees growing there! What a surprise that the hot and humid temperature allows pine trees to grow in Hong Kong.

We started to ascent the hill in front of us, and it was so tiring.

Many many many steps, and even though it only had 18-20 degrees, we were sweating and struggling uphill. It was one of the toughest climbs, but also one of the most beautiful ones.

Once we reached the top, we were rewarded with the breathtaking views from Ping Fung Shan.

Land drops almost vertically to the south to reveal an amazing panorama of Tolo Harbour and Plover Cove. Unfortunately it was too cloudy and foggy to see much downhill, but we enjoyed the views over the mountains.

We kept walking on the edge of the mountains until we passed Wong Leng, the highest point of the range. Its name could be taken to mean Emperor’s Ridge, and indeed the views from its summit are commanding. On clear days you should be able to see the western and eastern costs of the New Territories simultaneously.

The final succession of eight humps is known as the Pat Sin Leng, or Eight Immortals Range, each peak named after a character of Chinese mythology.

We had to go countless steps, down and up again, but although it was tiring, it was also fun and we enjoyed the scenery very much.


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