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Hiking: Wilson Trail Stage 10

The tenth and final stage was an anti-climax. Not only is it very remote and difficult to get to (that’s why we did it on the same day as stage 9) but it is also very boring. It seems someone just added it so there is way downhill after the Pat Sin Leng mountain range.

The majority of stage 10 goes through a forest area, with cool, mossy hollows crossed by untamed streams (ok, in December there were not any big streams, just tiny rivers).

We followed the ancient stone path passed the abandoned villages of Upper Wang Shan Keuk. It was really dark when we passed the old ruins, shells of empty houses backed by creaking groves of mature bamboo and it did not help that we heard a dog growling somewhere close (a little too close) to us.

We made sure to walk quickly away from the old (haunted?) houses till we crossed the Wong Shan Keuk South Bridge.

We kept walking along the stone path which crossed further grasslands and descended down the mountains. The trail winds downhill to join a service road, passing family grave sites and then reaching the end of the Wilson Trail at marker W137.

There is no red carpet, no welcoming committee, just a solitary marker by the side of the road, like the 136 which preceded it, so not really satisfying!

We took some pictures next to it, and then ran (yes, literally: ran) downhill past the villages of Nam Chung, trying to find a minibus to take us back to Fanling MTR. We were already late for our 4pm late lunch/early dinner meeting with Patrick, Nathalie, Jim and Lauchlan, where we had planned to celebrate the end of the Wilson Trail, so we hailed the next best cab and made our way back to Hong Kong Central.


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