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Western Monastery in Tsuen Wan

After the very popular and busy Yuen Yuen Institute we visited the Western Monastery next to it. It is just 2 mins away but it feels as if it is in a completely different world.

A different style of buildings, hardly any people, very picturesque and quiet. A relaxing and tranquil place.

After being greeted by a bodhisattva statue in the entrance, the main building lies behind, styled as a classical Chinese palace. I love the red lanterns hanging everywhere, such a nice contrast to the blue and green of the roof.

Next to the main building is a small garden, with a small bridge leading to a pavillion in the lotus pond – which is surrounded by flowers, but also by little turtles living there.

The lotus flowers were beautiful to look at – I guess there are one of my favourite flowers if I had to choose.

We walked back to the main building, which compromises the Hall of Maitreya and the Great Buddha’s Hall above it.

Of course, there are even more Chinese lanterns…

Further behind is a another two-storey building where, depending on what time of day you visit, you may witness scores of monks chanting mantras. We did not see them, so I guess it was already too late in the day (2pm). But we looked at the Buddhas.

Behind this building is another building, a nine-storey pagoda. You can’t climb it, but you can go inside.

In there is a new Buddha sculpture, actually several Buddhas in one (or one Buddha with many heads) and lovely blue hair. Definitely an interesting sight and a lovely monastery. Whenever you visit the Yuen Yuen Institute, make sure to go there too, it’s worth it.

Western Monastery
Lo Wai Village, New Territories, Tsuen Wan
How to get there: Metro Tsuen Wan, Exit B1, Minibus 81 to Lo Lo Wei (or Taxi) – it’s the smaller and quieter place to the right of Yuen Yuen Institute


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