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Hiking: Wilson Trail Stage 2 (backwards)

A few weekends ago we decided to hike on Hong Kong Island (we did not want to travel to the New Territories) so Monica and I picked Wilson Trail Stage 2 and decided to hike it backwards, so we could then go onto Wilson Trail Stage 1 if we felt like it. We started in Quarry Bay and walked past the field stoves, built in expectation of the Japanese invasion.

There were a few in the area, but so far, all I’ve read about them is that they have been built but not used.

We then walked up Mount Parker Road and took a slight detour to Quarry Bay Gap.

From there it’s up Jacob’s Ladder to Mount Butler (which is actually part of the Hong Kong Trail Stage 5). This is a steep climb but you’ll be rewarded with amazing views.

After Mount Butler we joined the path again and walked along Hong Kong Trail Stage 5 and Wilson Trail Stage 2 (both trails run along each other between Parkview, Jardine’s Lookout and the Quarry).

… and made our way up to Jardine’s Lookout.

We enjoyed the view over Causeway Bay:

From there it is all downhill to Parkview, an easy end to a medium intense hike. Wilson Trail Stage 2 is around 7km, with our slight detour it must have been around 8km, and it took us less than two hours. So definitely enough time to attempt Wilson Trail Stage 1, which is known as ‘The Peaks’ too.


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