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Hiking: Lantau Trail Stage 6

Stage 5 ended at Man Cheung Po, which is in the middle of nowhere, so we had to continue walking stage 6 too, to get us to Tai O. We followed a path that took us downhill, first on some steps and then just on a forest path. You can see by the amount of leaves and branches that we hiked after typhoon Vincente was in town – there were some areas where we had to carefully step over fallen branches.

This took us past the fantastic Ng Yuen Garden, just such a shame that the garden is now neglected and derelict. We continued through the forest, which felt a little mysterious. Dense vegetation, but no animals apart from a few spiders and other insects. Just a few birds could be heard but not seen.

Having done 7.5k this last stretch is a nice walk mostly down tree lined tracks and at only 2.5k not too far. At the end of the steep slope, just before reaching Tai O where warning signs about debris flow.

There were also some strong-looking nets spun across the side of the hill, clearly to protect Tai O from land erosion in bad weather. Apparently that’s necessary.

Anyway, when we were hiking, it was a dry and warm day – so no erosions and not even slippery slopes, which made our hike easy. We arrived safely in Tai O, from where we took the bus back to Tung Chung.


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