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Flower market (again)

Of course, after writing about the bird market yesterday, it’s obvious that I am going to write about the flower market today. It’s right next to the bird market at Prince Edward MTR station in Kowloon. It’s the best place to get fresh flowers, plants as well as herbs from and all at reasonable prices. I believe some places deliver as well, but you always see lots of people carrying arms full of purchases!

The market is open every day and it is basically a long street with shops on just one side. One shop next to each other. They all sell flowers, plants, pots and decorations. There is an endless choice, you can find any kind of flower at the market – even expensive tulips shipped from the Netherlands.

On average, a bunch of lilies costs between 40-60 HKD, lotus blossoms 20-30 HKD, coronations 30-40 HKD and the expensive tulips start from 75 HKD a bunch! Clearly they don’t grow here in Hong Kong!

All the flowers are carefully wrapped and beautiful presented. Most of them are still very fresh but there are a few that show signs of heat and humidity. Those you can get a little cheaper. It’s the same with orchids, if most of their blossoms are open already, the price drops.

You can try and haggle with the people here, but it is actually really difficult. The prices are all very competitive, so unless you end up buying lots from one shop, they don’t like to give discount. There are places that already say if you take three flower bunches we’ll give you 20% discount. So you won’t get anything on top (at least not as Westerner, from what I’ve tried and heard).

Anyway, the flowers are beautiful and they are really affordable. It’s just a little annoying that it takes me almost an hour to get to the market, as I live on Lantau island.


10 thoughts on “Flower market (again)”

  1. Thank you so much for telling me about your experience! I am in 6th grade working on a city project, and I’m doing Hong Kong :) If the teacher likes mine, you helped me have the information :D Thanks!

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