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Hiking: East Kowloon

I joined the Meet Up group to explore the Eastern parts of Kowloon, as I don’t really venture out into this area. We met Tiu Keng Leng MTR and explored the surrounding areas. After a few minutes walking alongside the street, we came to a small hill.

We climbed onto the water catchment, which had a cement walkway going next to it and just walked along it until we came to a few steps and climbed the hill to Rennie’s Mill Police Station (1900-1941), where the premise has now turned into a temple. It was closed but you can see a recent picture here.

From there we walked on a flat path, through shady trees, until we came to the Mau Wu Shan Relics. This used to be a fort, but it’s been abandoned long ago.

We used the occasion to take a group picture in the ruin. It provides a nice and interesting background! We were a big group on this hike that SK led. He always allows big groups (he’s the founder of the HK Hike-up group) as he wants to give as many people as possible the opportunity to explore Hong Kong’s nature. To ensure the group’s safety, there are always experienced hikers in the middle and at the end of the group making sure everyone stays on the trail.

We then covered parts of Wilson Trail Stage 3 that offers vistas of Kowloon Peninsula and Victoria Harbor, from Black Hill (which is just 304 metres).

The first metres we looked over Tiu Keng Leng, which is a fully developed residential area.

After that, we crossed the ridge of Black Hill, so we looked out over the other side. We had great views over Kowloon and Hong Kong island, just such a shame that it was a hazy day.

You can hardly make out the ICC in the background, the fifth-tallest building in the world.

On the other side is the IFC, in Central.

But it’s too hazy to make out all the details. What a shame! Overall it was a very easy hike, just 8km in about 3 hours with several stops. The final stage was a warm-down walk on Lam Tin Jogging Trail and then we arrived in Ma Yau Tong, from where we took the MTR back.


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