Tokyo: Kabuki-za theatre is open again

While writing yesterday’s post about Ginza I looked at my blog post from our previous visit (here) I remembered that the Kabuki-za theatre was still a large building site.

Kabuki-za theatre opening 1

This time, when we visited in early April 2013, it was different. It was opening day and lots of people went there to visit the old theatre in its new glory. Lots of people stopped on the other side of the street to take pictures (me too) but traffic was so heavy that it was impossible to take a picture without cars blocking it. I believe all car drivers were slowing down to take their own pictures!

Kabuki-za theatre opening 2

People were queuing inside and outside of the theater – lots of visitors were dressed up very elegantly for the opening. Some women came in Kimonos, despite the heavy rain.

Kabuki-za theatre opening 3

Kabuki-za theatre opening 4

The ticket office was busy selling tickets and we walked around the theater, but it was impossible to get inside on the opening day. So instead, we just walked to the subway station, which had also been redone (at least the entrance area to the Kabuki-za theatre) and there were lots of food and souvenir shops.


2 thoughts on “Tokyo: Kabuki-za theatre is open again”

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