Tokyo: View from the Hilton

From Matsumoto we took the Super Azusa train to Shinjuku Station. The travel time is 2,5 hours and it is a another very scenic ride. Upon arrival in Tokyo Shinjuku, we just walked to the Hilton Hotel, where we were staying. We arrived too early, before 3pm, so we could not yet check into our room.

So we decided to stroll through camera shops in Shinjuku and eat some ramen and udon for lunch. We came back later in the afternoon and then the room on the 22nd floor was ready for us. The room was nice, but what was best was the view over Shinjuku and the huge skyscrapers. We’ve stayed in the Century Southern Tower Hotel before (which I prefer, it’s more conveniently located and the rooms are nicer – but it was fully booked) and from there we have had a view over to Mount Fuji.

This time we were looking into the other direction, over Shinjuku’s big skyscrapers. An interesting view too, which changed with the shifting light and also the changing weather.

View from Tokyo Hotel Room 4

View from Tokyo Hotel Room 5

We rested for a while and when we woke up again, it was dark and a big thunderstorm was over us. It was raining cats and dogs. The pictures out of the hotel room now look completely different.

View from Hotel Room in the rain 2

View from Hotel Room in the rain 3

Dinner had to be close by, so we decided to explore the underground walkways and walk across to the next shopping centre, which happened to have quite a few restaurants to choose from. Over the next days we tried different restaurants there, including a version of a Japanese pub with lots of different sake, soba noodles and small dishes to choose from. We had lots of fun in this pub.

Once back from our dinner, we looked out of the window again. It was stil raining. Hopefully the weather would change over the next days.

View from Hotel Room in the rain 1


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