Tokyo: View from the Hilton

From Matsumoto we took the Super Azusa train to Shinjuku Station. The travel time is 2,5 hours and it is a another very scenic ride. Upon arrival in Tokyo Shinjuku, we just walked to the Hilton Hotel, where we were staying. We arrived too early, before 3pm, so we could not yet check into our… Continue reading Tokyo: View from the Hilton


Tokyo: Tajimaya coffee shop

On our last day we were strolling through Shinjuku and found a hidden gem, a fantastic little coffee shop, tucked away in one of the corners of Shinjuku. Tajimaya is slightly to the North-East of Shinjuku station, at the corner of a quiet street. The prices for a coffee and a small piece of cake… Continue reading Tokyo: Tajimaya coffee shop


Tokyo: Nighttime in Shinjuku

After our visit to Shibuya we went back to Shinjuku, where we were also staying in our hotel. We walked around the area to the West of Shinjuku Station, between the station and the post office. In this area are lots of shops, including Yodobashi Camera. This is a chain store mainly selling electronic products… Continue reading Tokyo: Nighttime in Shinjuku

Hong Kong

First hours in Tokyo: Hotel Century Southern Tower and Yoyogi Park

We took a night flight from Hong Kong to Tokyo, which meant that we arrived at 6am local time at the airport. This was too early for the Narita Express, so we had to take the bus to Shinjuku Station, where our hotel was located. This was fine as well, the traffic on early Saturday… Continue reading First hours in Tokyo: Hotel Century Southern Tower and Yoyogi Park