Tokyo: Nighttime in Shinjuku

After our visit to Shibuya we went back to Shinjuku, where we were also staying in our hotel. We walked around the area to the West of Shinjuku Station, between the station and the post office.

In this area are lots of shops, including Yodobashi Camera. This is a chain store mainly selling electronic products in all variations – we went there to purchase additional memory cards, a new camera bag for Patrick as well as a few quirky phone cases.

It’s a great one-shop place, but what’s a little annoying is that it has a theme song, which is a bouncy cover of The Battle Hymn of the Republic. Here’s a link to a YouTube video where someone filmed in the store to capture the annoying music, which blasts out every few minutes.

Anyway, after we finished our shopping, we looked for a place to have dinner. There were so many different options, we felt inundated with too much choice. So we walked back to East Shinjuku and stayed close to the station. We noticed one restaurant on the second floor that was very popular – so we just walked upstairs and asked for a place for two.

We noticed it was a fish restaurant, focusing on sushi. But we could not read the menu. So we asked if someone spoke English, but hardly any one in the restaurant could translate for us – so we finally managed to order with our hands and agreed that they would serve us mixed fish for 3,000 yen per person (excluding drinks).

They started serving us fresh sashimi, which was really nice. We then each had a green salad with fried potatoes and white bait on top. After that they brought each of us some tempura.

I thought that was it – we were already full. But then the next course was a lobster cut in half with all the meat already pulled out. Very easy to eat and very delicious.

Ok, now I felt we should be done. Wrong again, they brought us some marinated fish salad, just a small portion – before setting a plate of sushi in front of each of us.

It was sooo good – and by now we were so full! We pointed at a sake cup the women had next to me, so they brought us some sake too. After a while, they served us lemon sorbet as the final course, together with some roasted rice tea. All in all, a fantastic experience and much more than we had expected. I don’t know the name or the directions to this place, but I found it on Google Maps. So if you click here, and then look at the building with the green sign that has a pig on it, it’s in that house, on the second floor. A fantastic place, amazing fish, really friendly personnel and such affordable price for a big dinner!


6 thoughts on “Tokyo: Nighttime in Shinjuku”

  1. wow! what a treat for 3,000yen!?
    The lobster is called ‘isebi’
    The sashimi in the first picture looks good. Many of the fish in the winter, like the ‘kanpachi’ (on the left) are quite fatty and verrryyy good! Nice thick cuts…the way it’s supposed to be!

    1. Thanks for your help! Now I know what the lobster and fish are called :) It was a really great place, I hope to go back there some time in the future, it was really a wonderful experience.

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